Remove cellulite and fat from your body at Energy Wellness

Lymphologist at Energy Wellness will help with Lymphatic drainage.
Lay on Energy Bed with cloths on relax and let five medical devices activate Lymphatic drainage.
Cellulite is toxins under the skin and the only way to remove it through the Lymphatic system. So the best and quickest way to remove cellulite is to see a Lymphologist at Energy Wellness. 0488417788

One of the five medical devices working on you within your 30-minute session is E-Power;
What does E-Power do

Balances the energy of the body

Improves oxygen levels by 30%

Improves blood circulation

Balances nervous system

Stimulates Parasympathetic Nervous system (causes relaxation)

Balance adrenals

Helps detoxify the body

Boosts immune system

Improves skin, stimulating fibroblasts (makes collagen) & massage cells 70,000 times per second. Repairing skin elasticity, making skin look & feel younger

Reducing fat, toxins & cellulite under the skin

Turns metabolism on

Reduce stress

Helps balance pH

Stimulates meridians of the body, activating the Chi energy

E-Power supports

Circulation, Nervous, Digestive, Bowl, Immune, Skeletal, Weight & Skin system

Increase bone tissue, helping eliminate Osteoporosis

Build muscle mass