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Let’s get straight to the point about why Impact101 Crowdfunding is the
HOTTEST Crowdfunding Platform on the internet!

We all join as a Team to help each other fund needs, desires and personal
‘bucket list’ of dreams and goals.

This is a REVOLUTIONARY way of CROWDFUNDING where you usually
have to go it alone…

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30 Reasons To Join Impact101’s Crowdfunding Platform Today:

1)  Our Cooperative Team Minded Community helps others achieve their goals and dreams

2)  IMMEDIATE and INSTANT Pay via Peer-to-Peer Donations via a Multitude Of Payment Methods!

3) You can be a GIVER with Impact101 to join our Caring Community to help others

4) You also can RECEIVE 50% from the 8 LEVELS of Donations $40, $80, $150, $300, $600, $500, $1,200, 
$2,400 and $4,800

5) We do NOT require pay by tokens, or wallets, bitcoin currency, or withdrawal levels to ask for your 
own donations back

6) With Impact101 you  can also be a RECEIVER with Donations FOREVER at ALL 8 Donation Levels 
(not just a few)

7)  We have the EIGHT Donation Grid Levels that fit EVERY Budget around the globe

8)  Download our  Amazing Mobile APP (a ‘Mobile Landing Page) to your cell for ‘on the go’ sharing

9)  Our System Is Simple You Help 2 get their 2 and They Help 2 (very simple) get their 2

10) You can join a SINGLE, or a COMBINATION of Levels or ALL the LEVELS at the same time starting 
at $40 on up

11) The people you bring in stay with you and follow you in your Follow-Me Donation Grid Levels 

12) You can receive UNLIMITED Donations from MULTIPLE Levels simultaneously (50% goes to you)

13) Our unique Software insures your Team Stays & Follows You & Receives Donations FOREVER

14) When your Donation Grid fills another will open for you to receive MORE donations

15) No funds are automatically taken from your donations to start a new Donation Grid – YOU make the 

16) You can RECEIVE donations from above & below (spill-over) depending on the kind of Team Members 
you enroll

17) At each of the 8 Donation Levels you can receive 50% of SIX Donation Grid Spots for each Level

18) It’s possible to RECEIVE Donations Within SECONDS, MINUTES or HOURS of Registering

19) Our Team Crowdfunding platform can help FILL your Donation Grids ‘from above and from below’

20) 100% of all Donations are immediately paid out and assigned to a Beneficiary

21)  Fill Donation Grid’s 5 Ways: personal enrollments, your referrals, their referrals, upgrades, help from 
above or below

22) There are NO time limits – NO quotas – go at your own pace

23) We Love Social Media so you can post away – Join our Facebook Group – post on our Facebook Page

24) Our Automated DASHBOARD displays your Donations Second by Second

25) Our parent company started in 2011 based in Canada and Impact101 is accepted in many countries 
over the globe

26) To Become a Member Pay Your Licensing Fee & Make 2 Donations Immediately ($25 for 6 months 
or $40 for a year)

27) Our Back Office has LOADS of Training Videos, Power Point Presentations and we’re translated into 
many languages

28)   Our Customer Service is GREAT – Our Tech I.T. Department is Stellar and everything WORKS!  

29) We Also Have A Great Impact101 Crowdfunding Team Marketing System (after all it FOUND You!)

30) For REAL Live Leads Click on the  LEAD Button for TOP TIER (USA & Canada) Leads or pick their 
Global leads

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