One stop shop for Wellbeing

Holistic healing stands for treating every aspect of health
Mental, nutritional, physical and spiritual.
At Energy Wellness you will cover ALL areas of wellness.

After 200 boxing fights, run over by a car and many head injuries, abanded issues as a child and not able to be one of the crowd.
I had to learn how to generate brain and reprogram DNA.

After many health issues as a child and not able to run a lap around an oval, to become one of the fittest men in Australia, representing Australia 7 times overseas at the Games in boxing. Dropping lots of weight within a short time and finding quickest ways to recover and regenerate.
I had to learn everything about nutrition, so I like to think I am as an expert in this area and one of my favorite subjects.

You don’t have to exercise much and don’t recommend you doing much. Will teach you a 5-minute routine that people in wheelchairs can do, which equals 30-minutes of aerobic exercise.
Save your time and better for you.

After passing away many times, run over by a car, electrocuted and other accidents etc,
Will be able to share many enlightening and expanding knowledge. (if you are ready, many people are not ready to be released from the God spell ) that is okay we must except everybody for where they are. As he said, who am I to judge you.
As above So below. Let us make Heaven on Earth.

Book in if you are ready to expand this life and make the most of what we have been given.