Lymphatic system drainage massage – Lymph system drainage massage tutorial by Certified Lymphologist Sean Connell

Lymphatic drainage is for Inflammation, Lymphedema, Pain, Weight gain, Cellulite, Illness and much more.
Inflammation will cause a lack of oxygen, and without oxygen, your body starts to break down.
Lymphatic Drainage at Energy Wellness Melbourne East Doncaster will use five medical devices to heal and regenerate your body. ( Energy bed )
One medical device is for Lymphedema, activating the lymphatic system removing inflammation.
The 30-minute session on the SOQI ( Energy bed ). The Chi Machine, a medical device for Lymphedema, will gently rock you from side to side with a smooth rhythmic motion to stimulate the circulation of fluids in the body. Realigning your spine, massaging every organ in your body, opening you’re bronchial, giving you lots of oxygen. The 30-minute session is the same as working 2-hours and will burn 800 calories. All while lying down relaxing. With sound therapy, most people fall asleep.

Chi machine medical device for Lymhadema benefits are

1, full-body exercise

2, work out while lying down

3, tension-free on the body, wholly supported

4, 15 minutes =’s 1 hour & 30-minute walk

5, increase oxygen by 30%

6, increase energy & metabolism-boosting weight loss

7, gentle spine balance

What is the most VITAL element for health Survival

Food 3 weeks to 2 months

Water 1 to 3 days

Oxygen 3 to 5 minutes

90% of energy comes from oxygen 10% food & water

Body over 75% of water (1/3 is oxygen)

Oxygen needed to remove toxins
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