Lymphatic Drainage by Lymphologist at Energy Wellness

Lymphatic drainage massage at Energy Wellness will activate the Lymph drainage 20% faster.
Removing inflammation, you can hold 50 kilos of weight because of inflammation. So a side effect will be losing a lot of weight.
Your session on Energy SOQI bed will take 30-minutes while laying down with cloths on having 5 medical machines regenerating your body and activating Lymphatic Drainage.
You will burn 800 calories, turn metabolism on, have walked 2 hours and many other benefits.
This is 21st-century healing technology and would go over your head all the benefits of these 5 medical devices approved by the FDA.
Lymphatic drainage massage face is another benefit of session, one of the medical devices will massage every cell 70,000 times per second, removing lines, wrinkles, cellulite, fat and make stem cells and collagen.
The lymphatic drainage at Energy Wellness by Lymphologist will activate the 4 ways that move Lymph 20% faster.
Lymphatic drainage of legs, arms, belly, etc
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Sean Connell
Certified Lymphologist