Lymphatic Drainage by Lymphologist activating Lymph Drainage at Energy Wellness

Lymphatic drainage massage for legs and feet using a medical machine (chi machine) for Lymphedema. Activating Lymphatic drainage, removing inflammation at Energy Wellness.
Lymphatic drainage of legs by Lymphologist at Energy Wellness East Doncaster Melbourne
There is only four ways to activate Lymphatic drainage of legs, arms edema, Lymphedema and inflammation in the whole body
After your session at Energy Wellness, you will also be given lymphatic drainage massage techniques for legs, arms, and body to do at home, keeping the inflammation out of the body.
Where the Lymphedema, inflammation is building up is a weak shop in the body, so when we move the inflammation out by activating Lymphatic drainage, the Lymph system the body will heal. But because it is a weak shot the inflammation will return. This is why the Lymphologist Sean Connell will give you Lymphatic drainage techniques to do at home.