Lymphatic drainage at Energy Wellness

Welcome to learning about the Lymphatic system that removes the toxins, then allowing your body to regenerate.
You will learn about the laws of health, the Mental, Nutritional and Physical laws that prevent inflammation.
When we break these laws it will cause inflammation in your body, then Inflammation creates lack of oxygen & without oxygen, we don’t work well
So Prevention is the best cure
Earn a Free collagen mask & facial with your session:
1, 8 or more bottles of body balance per month (collagen mask every mth while on 8)
2, Introduce 3 friends to Energy Wellness

Start with these two drinks for good health
If you order Body balance off link you will get at wholesale & auto-ship with a 3-month guarantee You can stop at anytime
Or call 1800 888 306 say business name Energy Wellness id 300 140 42