Keto Pet Food Review

Why Ketona?
Because it’s TRULY DIFFERENT and TRULY BETTER than every other dry pet food on the market today.

And because we’re so confident it will make your dog as healthy as she’s ever been, we’ll refund your purchase price if you don’t see visible results in just one month.

Less Than 5% Carbohydrate
Other ‘premium’ dry pet foods contain 30%, 50%, or even 70% carbohydrate. Why? Because they’re cheap, abundant sources of calories and because their use in pet food products is remarkably easy for savvy pet food executives to hide under the existing regulatory framework.

But unlike fats and proteins, carbohydrates aren’t considered essential nutrients for dogs. In fact, your dog’s ancestors avoided carbs completely for more than 99.9% of their genetic evolution.

Moreover, while shockingly few veterinarians are willing to talk about it, there’s also a sizable body of evidence suggesting that carbohydrate consumption isn’t just unnatural for dogs — it’s unhealthy too.