Kartel Software:A Game-Changer For Affiliates?

Kartel is a brand new all-in-one software-based system that promises to help you earn $1000’s in affiliate commissions from penny per click traffic.

This will no doubt be of interest to struggling affiliates who are yet to make consistent sales online and seasoned affiliates who are looking to diversify their promotions.

A quick search on Google will return nothing but positive reviews for Kartel (plus a whole bunch of bonuses if you buy it).

But reviews of that type are usually biased because the reviewer simply wants you to buy Kartel from them their website.

So if it’s a genuinely honest review of Kartel that you are after, with no pressures to buy or monster bonus packages in sight, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s look at everything that Kartel has to offer and help you to decide if it really is something that can change your online fortunes.

What Exactly Is Kartel And What Does It Do?
When reviewing work from home opportunities I always like to start by assessing the website as it can very often give an insight into how good the product is going to be.

With that in mind, I have to say that my first impressions of the Kartel website are nothing but positive. Clean design, good use of colors and it does a great job of breaking down what Kartel is all about.

However, the best thing for me about the Kartel website is the introduction video.

Yes, it’s tongue-in-cheek, and yes it attempts to lure you in with it’s promise of easy $1000 commissions.
It basically features Jono Armstrong (co-owner) getting arrested at an airport for suspected drug trafficking.

Needless to say that Jono proves he’s actually a super affiliate who uses the Kartel system to earn his income.

From that point on the arresting officer himself signs up for Kartel and starts bagging those $1000 commissions.

Very entertaining indeed, and a great light-hearted way to encourage the reader to want to know more.

But enough of that… let’s get down to the actual product because that is why both you and I are here!

The Kartel System In a Nutshell
Kartel is a software program that allows you to earn big commission payments from YouTube videos created by other people.

You are basically dropping a video ad on top of existing videos and directing the viewer to a related but much higher valued offer.

To do this you first need fire up the Kartel software and conduct keyword searches for YouTube videos in your niche.

The system then returns a list of suitable videos that you can target for the next step of the process.This step is all about creating a landing page that will form the basis of your video ad. This is all done from right inside the Kartel software.

Within your video ad you include a webinar to the high-ticket alternative, with a link to the product being sold via your affiliate link.Click the link to know more