Health is simple

You are made of cells, up to 100 trillion
Two fluids:
Blood feeding your cells oxygen and nutrition
Lymph taking dead cells toxins and waste away.
Ninty essential nutrients and oxygen required in the blood every day. If missing over a period of time your body will break down.
Will teach you the best ways to get the right nutrients and oxygen into your blood.
Lymphatic system:
Four ways to activate Lymphatic drainage, in my treatments we activate all four ways, speeding up healing by 50% (massage is only one of the four ways to activate}
I use five medical devices to regenerate the body, one is a medical device for Lymphedema.
Activating lymphatic drainage, massage every organ in your body, open bronchial flooding you with lots of oxygen, realine the spine and many other benefits.
Your body heals itself, but you must give it the right nutrition and oxygen and activate the Lymphatic system to remove toxins and inflammation.
Book in and learn the best ways to regenerate your body, turning back the clock of aging.
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