Fastest Way to Spiritual Awakening [3 Keys]

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Quickest Way of Spiritual Awakening – 3 Keys to Success in Anything! Spiritual Awakening Manifestation as in Law of Attraction Conscious Business Relationships Community [Key 1] Love – The Grand Key to All Other Keys! [Key 2] Selfless Service (Seva)/ Contribution [Key 3] Harmony / Unity Just imagine how capable, powerful, functional, and how much you can get done if all of your own systems are in Harmony! If your Family, Team, Business Members and Employees, Community, all Humanity etc. all worked together with Love, Selfless Service and Contribution to each other, and in Harmony / Unity… What could we achieve? What would the World Look Like? What would Life be Like? Don’t Let the Simplicity of these 3 Keys Fool You! This is not Philosophy… It is Logical, and Pragmatic for taking Steps and Action in Life! As well as, Practical for Inner Alchemy or Transformation! Love IS the Realization and Expression of All Life as One! Many Fully Awakened or Enlightened Masters have said that it doesn’t Matter What you are practicing if it is devoid of Loving Kindness… How can there be Any Realization without the Very Presence of That Awakened Being Itself: Love! Share with your friends and family the 3 Keys for Success!