E – Power benefits at Energy Wellness

1 of 4 machines you get working on you within-session at Energy Wellness with Lymphologist
E-power Unique machine Negative potential energizer

A technological breakthrough in electronic health care products
USA listed class 1 & Canada class 2 medical device FDA

What does E-Power do
Balances the energy of the body
Improves oxygen levels by 30%
Improves blood circulation
Balances nervous system

Stimulates Parasympathetic Nervous system (causes relaxation)
Balance adrenals
Helps detoxify the body
Boosts immune system
Improves skin, stimulating fibroblasts (makes collagen) & massage cells 70,000 times per second. Repairing skin elasticity, making skin look & feel younger

Reducing fat, toxins & cellulite under the skin
Turns metabolism on

Reduce stress
Helps balance pH
Stimulates meridians of the body, activating the Chi energy

E-Power supports
Circulation, Nervous, Digestive, Bowl, Immune, Skeletal, Weight & Skin system
Increase bone tissue, helping eliminate Osteoporosis
Build muscle mass

E-Power research
Insomnia 70% symptoms basically gone
Arthrodynia 70% symptoms basically gone
Rheumatoid Arthritis 60% symptoms basically gone

Negative Potential Energy (anion effect) = energy needed for rest
High-frequency energy (resonance) = more ATP (produces energy)
ATP (adenosine triphosphates) body’s preferred energy source over fat
Up to 2,000 little factories in every cell. Only to make ATP

ATP is the energy needed to maintain this negative charge

E-Power is an energy charger for your body

Only product on the market that uses both

Increase energy, enhance circulation, helps with pain, benefits whole body

Enhances blood circulation
Elevates skin temperature
Helps relieve muscular pain, cramps, spasm & tension
Helps relieve symptoms of arthritis, insomnia, & arthrodynia

The electrical potential of a cell is 60 to 90 millivolts when healthy
Sick & tired lower than 60 millivolts
Cancer & diseases 15 millivolts
Cells die at 0 millivolts
What is negative potential energy
We are electrical beings
Cells need to maintain a negative charge, so nutrition & oxygen can get in & waste out to maintain health

Without is negative charge tiredness, pain & disease will set in.
Maintained by the sodium & potassium pump inside the cell
Harmful effects of positive potential energy
Poor diet & lack of enzymes
Cell phones, computers, smart meters, etc
Working in high-frequency areas
Many electrical machines

E-Power uses your body as a capacitor. Creating internal energy that will balance & revitalize you.
The body’s battery charger