UPDATE: Congrats to another member who did 2k while sleeping…

#workfromhome Click here to check it out http://social.homemadecommission.com 4:31 AM Paulo got a 2k notification on his phone and he posted the image you see below. Pretty sweet ha..? to start the day like that… Wanna see how its done and the system we’re all using? ‘Yes David! I Want In Too…’ http://social.homemadecommission.com Need My […]

6. “Yes, I am A Republican, Get Over It” Ceramic Mug

Tired of explaining where your loyalties lie? Well, this is just the mug for you! Enjoy an uninterrupted conversation with your immediate family and friends by tossing the pink elephant out of the room. Drink in peace, you’re a proud traditionalist so sit back, relax and pamper yourself with a satisfying beverage. The product is […]