Best Cellulite treatment in Melbourne

Cellulite is toxins under your skin, the only way to remove toxins and cellulite is with the Lymphatic system.
At Energy Wellness a Lymphologist will use five medical devices approved by the FDA to activate Lymphatic drainage and remove toxins and cellulite from under your skin.
You will get a cellulite workout while you relax on Energy bed (SOQI bed) most people fall asleep it is so relaxing with the sound therapy.
30-minutes on the Energy bed is equal to a 2-hour walk, burning 800 calories all while relaxing and destressing.
Increasing oxygen by 30% turning metabolism on, massaging your cells 70,000 times per second, removing toxins, cellulite, lines, stretch marks, and wrinkles.
Alkalizing and balancing the negative and positive charge in your body.
Just some of the benefits of one of the five medical machines working on you. I don’t have enough room for all the benefits. I will email you the full list of benefits after consultation.
So for the best cellulite removal treatment in Melbourne book in at Energy Wellness as part of the session you have a consultation with Lymphologist, showing you the nutritional and physical things you can be doing at home, keeping the cellulite and toxins out

Kind Regards,
Sean Connell
Certified Lymphologist