The Numbers Don’t Lie… (Why Most Fail)

Statistically most people fail to ever earn a penny online… Here’s Why There’s a right way and a wrong way to build an online business. That’s obvious… BUT what you probably didn’t realize is that the RIGHT way is also the EASY way… IF you know what the right way is of course. Click Here […]

Lymphatic Drainage massage Blackburn and South Morang

4 best ways to maintain a healthy Lymphatic System: Exercise (such as walking): the contraction of your muscles with movement helps to pump lymph and fluid through the body more effectively. We recommend moving or walking for at least 25 minutes per day. Dry brushing: dry brushing stimulates lymphatic drainage and helps to remove toxic […]

Lymphatic Drainage massage removing inflammation, pain and weight

Along with the immune system, the Lymphatic System is at the frontline of the body’s defense system. It helps filter out harmful substances from the bloodstream, producing and releasing white blood cells and other immune cells that monitor and destroy foreign invaders. Poor Lymphatic System functioning can affect our body’s capacity to fight infection and […]

Lymphatic Drainage massage removing inflammation, pain and weight

The Lymphatic System maintains fluid levels in our body. It removes excess fluid that drains from cells and tissue in the body and returns it to the bloodstream to be recirculated through the body. Without this working properly, the problem is like an overflowing bathtub, creating a flood or excess fluid in our bodies. If […]

Lymphatic Drainage massage removing inflammation and weight

The Lymphatic System is our major waste and removal transport system. It silently mops up the litter left behind by all the other body systems. That litter comes in the form of daily stress, fatigue, electronic pollution, chemical exposure, sedentary lifestyles, processed foods, and poor health habits in general. An inefficient collection of waste materials […]

Lymphatic Drainage massage removing inflammation

Lymphatic Drainage Massage helps to remove inflammation Do you feel sluggish, both physically and mentally? Do you feel sore and stiff upon waking? Do you have heavy legs and feet, are your sinuses congested, or headache? Or perhaps you’re just feeling foggy and find it hard to make decisions? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any […]