5 Steps To More Real Estate Deals

I am excited to be host Max Keller, a creative marketing expert and 2019 Industry Innovator of the Year. Max will be speaking at our event on May 7th, where he is going to teach you how to stand out in your market and keep from pouring marketing dollars down the drain.

5 Steps To More Real Estate Deals
Tired of CHASING customers? Ready to have Customers Chasing YOU?

Do you want to learn the UNFAIR ADVANTAGES and strategies that have been working for over 4,000 years but, for some reason, so few people use?

Are you ready to find your NICHE and establish yourself as a local expert and authority?

Would you like to have customers qualifying THEMSELVES to work with you instead of STRUGGLING to generate quality leads?

“Max gave me some wisdom that I still think about daily. I have been to events where the presenter only wanted to sell something or didn’t really have much beyond a canned presentation. Max really brings wisdom and is a giver.”

Max knows how to teach and create success. Max went from being a full-time high school Math Teacher to creating multiple successful real estate and marketing businesses. He has published multiple books and currently licenses his lead generation systems to real estate professionals all over the country.

Although business is Max’s new full-time obsession, one thing has never left… this heart of a teacher. Max loves the opportunity to teach, inspire, and share real-world applications that can transform the lives of business owners.

A few of his current roles are consultant, teacher, author, speaker, and expert panelist. He has flipped over 100 houses and is on a mission to help real estate professionals have customers chasing them.

Here are some of the topics that Max will cover:

Improving your direct mail
Utilizing transitional offers
Customer service vs sales

Changing your customers’ perception of you and your business